I'm a fine art photographer and videographer. I'm a mom, an artist, a go-getter, an adventurer, and I absolutely love what I do! Capturing true emotion and delivering life long memories is such a special and important role to take on. 

My work is classic and bold, with a touch of warmth and moodiness. I take pride in creating a space that allows my clients to relax and feel comfortable in front of my camera. Which in turn allows me to capture their true selves. 

I got my start in weddings when my sister basically forced me to capture hers in 2018. She knew that I was more than capable, and that I just needed a push. I've never looked back and have been capturing love ever since! To this day she is still my biggest fan. 

Some things that I enjoy outside of capturing memories is exploring this world and all of its wonders with my son, who is my BFF. As a family we love to take our camper out, visit science museums, and have dance parties in the kitchen. 

I'm Brooke.


"Her passion shines through in her pictures. Highly recommend her for any events needing photography!"

-krista hutson

"She has a keen eye and captures the most beautiful moments."

-Emily & zack

"She is a true artist that captures the essence of the moment."

-brian atwater

"She is a true artist that captures the essence of the moment."

-brian atwater

real moments


gorgeous florals

The magic of a wedding day is something that has never faded for me. I truly love weddings! I believe in the love that is in the air when two people are committing to one another. 

Capturing that love and true emotion is the single greatest way for me to use my art in the service of others. I provide my couples with visual pieces of their bonds with one another as well as their loved ones who are in attendance. 

So much from a wedding day fades, but the imagery that I deliver lasts a lifetime and beyond; just like love.

I believe in the magic of your  wedding day

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